Boys over Flowers

Boys over Flowers

Terribly missing F4 and their queen Geum Jan-di…




“Sometimes I lie awake at night and I ask, “Is life a multiple choice test or is it a true or false test?” …Then a voice comes to me out of the dark and says, “We hate to tell you this but life is a thousand word essay.”
― Charles M Schultz

Thought Of The Day (TOTD)

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi


There are moments like these when you think why the Almighty was being unfair (in the context of creating men and women) and I very well know that I am overreacting. I shouldn’t doubt or question God, I tried but I couldn’t.  Well… being a woman I seldom have my wishes granted. It’s not like my life is a aiyoo-ethendoru-thondharav and all. A very blessed person indeed I am, still I am not contented with certain aspects of my life, a life of a woman, a life of a daughter, a life of a sister, a life of a wife, a life of a grand daughter, a life of a daughter-in-law, a life of a sister-in-law, a life of a friend….

Mujhe patha hai yeh sab dramebasi ki koi zaroorath nahi… Kisi se koi shikkayath karne ki zaroorath nahi… Mein iss dhuniya ki akeli ladki thodi hoon… Bas ek vinati hai Khuda se, mujhe yeh sab qubool karne ki himmat dena!

Now I sincerely say this to my God, I never can be unhappy with what you give me, I love you more than my life. And I can explain all these rants, believe me…, I love being offbeat.


Life is a vicious circle, said someone long back. Indeed life is a mixture of joy, sorrow, ecstasy, heart-break, love, hatred, fun, sarcasm, endearments, pain, commitment, guilt, happiness, numbness, glory, failures, passion, lust and more. Everything is a mirage, an illusion of being real and the moment you reach there everything disappears into thin air. It never ends and continue until the real thing hit you chasing you away from the deceiving life – the death.

Hum Na Samjhe The…

just because

When it is raining buckets, the only thing I would love to do is laying on my bed and listening to my favorite songs. Right now playing “I don’t want to Miss a Thing” on my iPod, terribly missing my husband.


And then the rain came…

Monsoon is at home, the land being overly blessed with endless pourings after an effing summer.


Rains are always loved for the first few days and the more intense they become the less loved they are. Raining cats and dogs outside, the inconvenience they cause, the damage they cause, the distress they cause…

And in no time, the scene changes to a kolaveri monsoon.


En Manamurukum…A VM on Arshi

I am an ardent fan of Arshi, the dream couple onscreen. The most sizzling and romantic jodi ever happened in the television history. And like all other IPKKND fans I miss this show like hell. So unfortunate that this beautiful flower withered so quickly and all I feel is a void in my heart. Each time I see them I couldn’t get enough of them. This is a humble effort from my part dedicated to all Arshi fans round the globe and the gorgeous Sanaya and dashing Barun.



This is a poem I wrote when I was in 9th. I feel like posting it, even though being so childish, because I believe it is an innocent thought and I was so innocent then.

Absence of birds and squirrels,

Made man to forget harmony

Sky-seeking flats, that housed

A large band of humans

With colored-sorry, multi-

Colored 21st century dreams,

Don’t know to forge spirits together.

Reading these lines after all these years bring back beautiful memories of my school life. Friends, teachers, gusto, spark, noopuram… I miss every thing. I wish it would happen again, my school life would happen again…

See, I’m not being a ‘Skeptic’ here…

I am surprising myself by saying that women equality is not the thing I am searching any more. Being a woman all I need now is to be safe. Nothing more… Nothing less… Look, this is how the feminist in me changed.

Most haunting lines I heard recently from a man, “Whether it is a worst girl never mind, the thing that matters is the money. If she is an earning lady then she has all qualifications”.

That’s how the dignity of a woman being branded.

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