A fortnight in Ananthapuri…

Ananthapuri, the capital city of God’s on country, with all its grandeur and glory hosted me for a fortnight. Apart from a couple of visits and a one day stay (courtesy: my aunty), I had not much acquaintance with Trivandrum. And then came this opportunity of breathing Trivandrum air as a summer industrial training at RTTC. From the very day of knowing about this training I started my fantasy of living in an unknown place away from home with my friends. A change… that was what I told my mental database to update as its new status. And this change accompanied by a full fledged learning was much welcomed. To describe my small away-from-home experience, I would rather get the aid of some random words. Excitement- I don’t know why, may be I was away from home, free, independent, self-relied and full of myself or the historic place. Tired- Trains! I hate them, Luggage! horrible things. Relaxed- when I saw my temporary haven, I did get a strange feeling, after that never ending train journey I was completely down and that place provided an instant soothing. Fatigue- Oh My! Why on earth they are not banning this entry and admission stuffs. Happy- why shouldn’t I be, that was definitely what I thought, a really good stay, food, friends, games, fun… Impressed- resourceful faculty, great ambiance for learning and there are much more to count.


The stay at the hostel was one of the memorable things that happened in each of our lives. The chaos for getting ready in the morning, running and rushing for bathrooms, the walks to mess hall, brahminized eating habits, the gatherings, dumpsherads (I think we are masters in that now), fun games, the hush hush following loud talks, dj nights, late night gossip groups, the mock-the-kuttanpilla-behind-his back spree thrice a day, maina and maina- exclusive (tune in to hear your favorite maina songs), sight-seeing, the makeover sessions, manjadikuru hunt, IT swearing, small fights- cute smiles- stronger friendship-great days…. (Too many things happened that I couldn’t stop writing)


ImageThose two weeks fled away leaving behind a handful of sweet memories. I am sure those days were special to all my friends in different ways. Cherish them and let us be like this- friends for ever without any doubts and misunderstandings.

This post is dedicated to all my mtech classmates.


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  1. Anas
    Jun 02, 2013 @ 18:15:18

    Good Thoughts ,Keep itup

    With all supports


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