There are moments like these when you think why the Almighty was being unfair (in the context of creating men and women) and I very well know that I am overreacting. I shouldn’t doubt or question God, I tried but I couldn’t.  Well… being a woman I seldom have my wishes granted. It’s not like my life is a aiyoo-ethendoru-thondharav and all. A very blessed person indeed I am, still I am not contented with certain aspects of my life, a life of a woman, a life of a daughter, a life of a sister, a life of a wife, a life of a grand daughter, a life of a daughter-in-law, a life of a sister-in-law, a life of a friend….

Mujhe patha hai yeh sab dramebasi ki koi zaroorath nahi… Kisi se koi shikkayath karne ki zaroorath nahi… Mein iss dhuniya ki akeli ladki thodi hoon… Bas ek vinati hai Khuda se, mujhe yeh sab qubool karne ki himmat dena!

Now I sincerely say this to my God, I never can be unhappy with what you give me, I love you more than my life. And I can explain all these rants, believe me…, I love being offbeat.


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