The Carved Orphan In Me

It has been a long time since I came here, thanks to my life. It is quite funny to say this, with a perfectly normal life I am anything but perfect. I know… I know… majority of human beings are hardly perfect and I am definitely in the ‘normal’ league. One may think what’s with this blabbering, indeed this is the only place where I could blabber without being questioned about my morale. This is a preface, a pause to divert your eyes before you catch the real vision. My long term goal is to write a book and anything I write is not necessarily a figment of my imagination. There are things like this… unbearable truths!! which I couldn’t write so openly since certain truths are not meant to be said. I am not cynic but bold… bold enough to masquerade and then there is a somebody going to catch me red handed, (you cannot mock all your life) then the thing I am confident is that he is going to be the last person on earth in action.

I was an infant, not even a toddler… when they gave away their souls…

Nobody asked me my wish… my thoughts… I was their least worry.

There were things that matters them more, like a gold chain…

Or their daughter’s life. Their claims(their innocence)… I mind them.

I will always as their daughter matters me more…

All these years, I thought I was a joke, or rather a lie.

Amidst a family that never belonged to me… away from

One that seldom acknowledged my existence…

I was alone… tired… desperate…

I was not an orphan by birth, fate made me one.

Galling faces, sympathetic looks, I’m least bothered.

Then he came and claimed me,

I was more than happy to make myself

Secure in his arms – I found my haven, my ultimate destiny.

Now, the puzzle is solving, picture is more clear,

I don’t mind forming new relations. Good large band

Oh God! Do I really had this much relatives?

I am happy. He is Happy. They are too.

Still I am devoid of her, my mother, never seen her once

And that makes my heart ache like nothing matters.

Makes me loathe every other mirth granted.

This poem is a dedication to a girl, whom I knew now and whom I wish to have known before. She lost her mother when she was a few months old(her mother is still alive) and lost her father when she became old enough to take a decision in her life(her father is alive too). The irony is that she is an orphan literally with both parents alive and sound. I don’t think I should make her life a post. My poetry is  her pain and I apologize for this.


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  1. archie
    Jul 29, 2013 @ 23:45:47

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