Zariya- Jai Ho! Motherhood.

An amazing composition from ARR on MTV CokeStudio Season3. A synergy of himalaya’s snowflakes and desert’s hot sand, backed by India’s aesthetic essence . A true tribute to every mother. Kudos to Rahman Sir.



The Talk

I never believed in being subtle neither am I wild and as there is always a line separating the two, I prefer to place myself on it. It’s safe to be a diplomat and worth too. To publish a book on my name is a dream I have been seeing for a while now and being the laziest of the genre I doubt whether my dream ever comes true. Before talking about publishing a book I should definitely think about writing one and here at this particular part I am in a serious mess. Please… pleading with a cherry on top, don’t let your eyes roll out of incredulity when I confess that I hardly have anything to write about. And my quest or thirst to write is not going to wither with my lack of experience or knowledge to write real stuffs.

The Poet in my Life:

Verse after verse, he recites…

As if an angel’s chants…

Or a priest’s psalms…

Verse of joy and verse of sorrow,

And at times, verse of love…

The love I awaited all my life.

The love I envied all the time.

He is teasing me, indeed I knew,

Branding the love which I craved…

Which I hungered for long,

Which I was denied mercilessly

For God-Knew-What-Reasons.

I am not angry on him, poor soul,

Knows only his poesy world,

Knows nothing of this cruel world.

Awakened by random thoughts,

He peeps out of me. And-

I write poems.. Giving the world

Glimpses of my inner poet.

You have 2 choi…

You have 2 choices in life: a] to find a way. b] to make one

Paulo Coelho


Out of the blue…

The chiming of bells from the nearby church woke me from my siesta, placing me in a realm of uncertainty for a fraction of a second. When I finally pulled myself off I was left with nothing but a feeling of longing. The air in my room thickened with the indispensable or unmistakable truth that I’m missing you, like I could explain how much and if I could, no language on earth has its literature with enough words or phrases to help, to do justice. The tension outside shot up leaving a void inside like weightless air-filled sack, it floated in my heart and there was nothingness like the lack of gravity to pull anything. Now if you read this I can very well see those eyebrows rising, those lips curling into a devilish smirk and your husky voice asking really? I must blush luxuriously since I haven’t admitted what you meant to me, my feelings towards you, the way you affect me and the way I love to be around you trapped in your magic. Now I can see your face painted with surprise and I bet my life that you never expected this coming at least this way. Yes, I’m here for a confession but not those three magical words, at least not so soon. I would rather have a great one, much more meaningful. I wish to wake every single day seeing your serene sleeping face and sleep every night cuddling in your arms. I wish to share every single moment, happy and sad, in my life with you. I wish to be there for you through your ups and downs. I wish to tease you for your blunders, compliment you for your achievements, scold you for your carelessness, forgive you for your mistakes, love you for what you are and loved by you for what I am, all flaws left apart. I wish to be a friend to you, a true friend who knows you inside out. I wish you be my friend too. I wish to be the mother of your children. I wish to cherish this blissful memories of our married life till my death and later, obviously take them to my grave. I wish you happiness, health and peace. And Anas Ikka, I don’t think you want to hear those three words from me anymore, if you still want I am happy to say them since your wish matters me more than anything and here we go, “I LoVe YoU”.

Perpetual Caution

There are traces of love left in this world and striving on this love I had fed the hope of my future, thus there are traces of hope left for me. I am holding this close to me as if my life depended on it – and indeed my life depended on it, makes me frightened to take a proper breath lest my soul should escape my body.


Again I am writing (I’m sure this will turn out to be another one and it’s about time that somebody notice this grim shade to most of my posts) and all will think that I am all sullen and judgmental, but I’m not. It’s only an old habit of mine to share the happiness to all around me, keep the worries buried within. And this surging tension with the virtue of pent up thoughts make me to write up them, relieving me a bit, and explains the moody shade of this page thus. This Blog is a Pensieve(if there was one in this muggle world I would have acquired it ages ago) to store my Brimming Thoughts which I couldn’t share with Others. Period.

Still I’m not being myself here, not being explicit enough. Why? I ask this question often and trust me I don’t know the answer and to be honest I don’t want to know. This is a case (one among many) where I consider myself insane. Well… I’m like this only. Ok.. Ok.. Enough with the blah blah, let me make it clear, the point,  ‘i am not as dull as my posts’.

I thought I would write a poem today, well.. looks like my creativity glands are not secreting enough. No problem, let me try another time, anyway it’s a touchy subject that I have in mind and seriously doubt my alarmed mind going to be of any help.