Landless, but Lifeless?

It is neither a village nor a city where we live. The place is having its own uniqueness, so is the people here, most of them are what you call narrow minded hypocrites. There are these reality checks… To born in a poor family or having landless ancestors will not seize your right to enjoy your life. Or let me put it like this – it is not your greatness to be gifted by ancestral wealth.  So why they think they have the right to badmouth others. As I said if I live in a rented house it has nothing to do with the comforts I am having there. I am living in a rented house because my parents were not rich as some others’ and these people don’t have the right to question me for having a cable tv connection or internet in my house. As long as I earn money I can spent it the way I wish. Or are they trying to say that poor are not allowed to enjoy the happiness in the world?

There is this reality laughing at your face.


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