Valentine’s Day Special: Teach me to love, the way the world do.

Leaning forward, resting my hands on the windowsill, I stared at the vehicles zooming east and west. Just like that, thoughts zoomed in my head. And then I stumbled on one of them, a fleeing one. Valentine’s Day. A sudden thrill rushed through my spine. I frowned. What do I have to do with that anyway? Let’s write something. A voice echoed from inside my head. Seriously? My mind had finally lost it. I, for one, writing on love will be nothing less than jeopardy. Let’s try. I rolled my eyes. Where is this getting me in to. Heaven. Heaven? I switched on my laptop finally surrendering to my weirdo mind. It is time I have some fun and for the first time I am writing something for this day. Rubbing my hand together I started to attack the keyboard.

‘I love you.’ You will hear me saying the three words once in a blue moon. Now before anyone come and mark me as uncompassionate and unromantic, I would like to defend myself. I am a bit reserved and somewhat shy to express my feelings so openly. Love. It should be felt, without being declared, before being confirmed or even after being denied. Albeit I find it quite unnecessary to shout out the love, there is this truth I can’t help but admit that even if I wish I couldn’t say, so freely, those three words. It’s not because I am hardhearted but I don’t get its meaning often. Love for me is not from heart. It is from mind. And you ask me how one can love from mind?

 I am neither a giver nor a gainer of love. I mean the ishq wala love. I don’t know what that thing is. Poor me. In all these 24 years of my life I seldom had the luck to experience that. And now, I need to.. I want to know that love, which the world knows, which the people go crazy for, which the poets wrote verses on, which man preached. Teach me how to love, the way the world loves.

Oops. This was not what I intended to write. Since I ended up with this mess and all I am left with is an ounce of energy to get up and walk to my bed, I am posting this.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all in Love, out of Love.


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