Nuances of Love

My eternal affinity for variety or the aftermath of V day, either way I am writing about Love, once again. Remember my lament about a rather barren-slash-nonexistent love in my life?  After writing that post I did a serious cerebration on the same and I am surprised by the depth of my own thoughts, there were times when I couldn’t pull myself out of them. This is going to give me some you-are-impossible looks and skeptical eyebrow-raisings, but I should say this. I did a miniscule research on Love. #feeling_sheepish. Trust me, I did and trust me again, it was highly befuddling. Love is definitely an overrated word, and feelings too. So, I decided to help it out. A subtle version, sort of… Since Love is a cosmopolitan affair, I would stick to one of its shades, Romance. And as I said in the previous post, this entire thesis will be written from my mind, not from my heart.

“I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him”, Stephenie Meyer, Twilight. This sentence is too good to be real. I mean, I never want to offend all those deeply-in-love claimers but I believe such things will happen only in fantasies.

Love, essentially, can be defined by seven solid words. They are Acceptance, Trust, Loyalty, Care, Compatibility, Desire and Forgiveness. All these seven entities are combined together in the right proportions to obtain the greatest synergy in the world, just like the way seven colors combine to form light. It is the truest, bravest, strongest and the most beautiful power ever known to mankind. Permutations and combinations of these entities will give you different nuances of love.


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