Random/Rapid/Rhapsodic Rendezvous

“Ouch…” I stumbled upon my shopping bags which had fallen on the floor due to the momentum of collision. It was a hectic day for me, though most girls are famous for being shopaholic, I never fall into that group. I hate shopping and today I was forced to do the same. For the past four hours I have been tailing my mother and sister through almost all shops in the mall, courtesy to my sister’s upcoming engagement and to top it all I want to carry those bags to our car, all alone. My frustration was reaching its peak and to push it further some idiot had found it interesting to knock me. Gaining my balance, I looked at the fallen mess wide eyed, how can this day become any more worse? Whoever it was, definitely going to have a piece of my mind. Soothing the pain on my forehead with my right hand, I raised my eyes from the floor scattered with the shopping, only to stare into a pair of chocolate brown eyes, eyes calm like an ocean- vast and deep, all I wanted is to jump into its depth and seek the wealth beneath it.

At once my heart missed a beat, I stared at those handsome orbs for one entire minute, or two or more, I don’t know. I was stunned and spellbound, literally. Did I see a smirk? Yes, of course and that brought me back on Earth. The initial shock was soon replaced with fury. “How dare you?” my outburst was silenced by an incredibly husky “Excuse Me?” A wave of pleasure washed through my body, I was finding difficulty to breathe and stood there baffled. Who is this man and what’s wrong with me? He was staring at me as if I were an alien. “If you are done with your staring spree, just apologize.” I couldn’t believe my ears, audacity of this man. All my fantasies of his eyes and voice died in a moment. I will take anything but a high-headed man. “Why should I? As far as I can see things you are the one to apologize, now for two things” He raised an eyebrow and I should explain to this duffer. “Firstly for knocking me and secondly for ill treating a lady.” I squared my shoulders giving a dramatic effect. He chuckled like I was saying the funniest thing on Earth. I just didn’t like his attitude. “What about having a tea with me” he paused staring at my eyes “as an apology.” I was bewildered would be an understatement. What is this man?

“You can woo stupid girls with those stupid ideas, but not the intelligent ones. For that you want to work hard, Mister, and prove yourself. Bye the way, I don’t think boys care for brain when they court, brain has no part in liking a girl, it’s all about how ho…” I stopped in mid-sentence, gawking like a fool. WOW!! Did I say that? Did I just lecture a stranger? You are a lost case. He stared at me as if I am an alien and all I wanted was the earth to open up and take me. How I always brilliantly end in such embarrassing situations.


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