The unveiling, sort of.

Again, another long break. *sigh* It looks like I am becoming more lazy as the days pass. Now as I find some time and mind to write, let me write about me, the earnest and unadulterated way. It is not like I am an unknown or my posts had no hints, they had enough and more for a ten year old to interpret, but I want to speak out all from my heart in the truest language. So basically this post is turning out to be something superfluous. *sighing again*

I am Muhsina, an unsophisticated village girl. Doing my PG in Computer Science and Engineering I am anything but that. Before describing myself let me warn you, I am too dark for my own good. I am stubborn, confused but an accommodating one. I am like a coin with sides as sadist and masochist. You can call me The Extremist. Inferring or interpreting me seems a complex task and can take you an entire life time but in reality I am as readable as an open book, provided readers’ discretion. I have a sharp tongue, but only in my close circle, my family. For outsiders I wear a facade of calmness, innocence and forbearance. Ain’t I too generous? I never flaunt and hate flaunty lot. What is the opposite of dandy? It’s me Muhsina, one with low-toned fashion quotient. I don’t lie would be a lie, I have my share. *wink* My mouth has this uncanny tendency to blabber things I never meant, or may be the exact opposite of what I meant. Either way often put me in trouble that I would regret later. But I am too stubborn or too coward, whatever it is, to apologize and redeem. I’m eccentric to the hilt; every person who knows me inside out would approve that. I like honest people with friendly frankness and lots of healthy humor sense. I enjoy humor, constructive, to the fullest. I hate parasites and those fake double standard ones, the hypocrites. I am peace with anyone who is peace with themselves *tongue-in-cheek* and fete woman empowerment. *evil-grin* Don’t misread me as a feminist by that as I’m trying to being offbeat lately. I am a freethinker all the way. I am a true believer of the one God, Allah-u-ahad, Adam and Eve and successors of Adam, Muhammed-the Prophet for the entire mankind, the Holy Qur’an, the heaven and the hell.


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