A memoir of a potential academiphile.

During the final semester of our post graduation program, we were asked to write and publish a paper on our respective thesis works. Amongst the mixed reactions from my classmates (most were negative) I uttered an exasperated ‘are you kidding me?’ verbatim. I could imagine myself penning a short story or a novel or even an ode, (actually, I daydreamed of that) but a technical paper was a big interrogation mark on my face. I was as blank and blunt as my mates was a welcome relief. But time flew and so do their works. My friends had gripped their pens tight (or may be hit their keys hard) and was half way through the act, (traitors!) and being the work shy in the class I was left behind (there’s nothing new in that). As days passed my heart started beating faster, the ever cool demeanor of me was spotted with tiny cracks of insecurities and I started to question myself about my responsibilities… my dedication… Succumbing to the unavoidable peer pressure and an unexplainable trepidation, I began my saga of scholastic writing. No… I don’t know how it’s called, but I like to call it so.

Yes I started and came a long way, may be lagging behind my friends, and everything happened in a jiffy that I couldn’t recollect what, when, where, and how. I love it so far, quite satisfied and having a great deal of fun. Here is a brief write up on my experience of a horror turned fun ride to academia. A memoir of a potential academiphile, isn’t the title too cool?

As per the values bestowed upon me by my elders, I should start by acknowledging every biotic and abiotic entity that aided me in this journey and thence I had created a list of all aspiring acknowledgement worthies. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) I have lost that never ending list and I would cut it short to two, God and Internet. God is in me, like my breath, my pulse, and I bow down for all the blessings and gifts. Then and now I’m a netizen. Yes, internet is a friend, guide and philosopher, who probe me at right times at right places to pause, to turn, to resume, and to return. And here goes a standing tribute.

It was a midday when I sat on my bed leaning my back over the headrest, legs stretched with laptop on my lap, I logged into the system to unleash the scholar in me. Thank god I really had a pretty deal of resources piled up to start with, a handful of pdfs, some bookmarked references, and some copy pasted tidbits from different sites. Even if I’m not an organized person I’d like to have my works fenced and compartmentalized. So I created a folder and named it garage (my garu baby), this will be where my tools reside. RIP. Inside garage everything is a blur, it would be the most chaotic space one would ever visit, with an alarming range of things from evolution of cloud computing to latest android apps in market. What to do? Sorting this out would be anything less than the blooper of the year (time and energy were highly precious for me right then) and thus I brace myself to ignore. Hold on! I’m an admirer of Masonic philosophy and so do believe in ‘Order out of Chaos’.

Complying with the famous adage ‘well begun half done,’ I weaved out the introduction with utmost care and dedication, lest I should sit making some mistakes. The initial phase of my writing was as slow as a snail that it took almost a day to write a few sentences. Gradually the stream gained momentum.

…to be continued.