It’s been ages…

I wanted to post before I left home, I wanted to post after coming here. One reason or other, my posts never happened. Without much ado let me write, lest I should sit changing my mind again. I miss you home, terribly and this is an understatement.

There are times when you feel the scarcity of words and phrases in a language… there are moments when your grammar ditches you mid sentence… there are occasions when the basic lessons of sentence structuring kiss you good bye… One such moment for me is when I explain my home. My every try will end up like an illegible script from some prehistoric era. You doubt? Try me then.

A bunch of people I can pick out by olfaction… faces I stare all day and night and never get bored… eyes that seldom make me uncomfortable doing an impromptu “dhinka chika”… those hands religiously reaching for me in my ups and downs, reside in… A concrete building materially, where I spent a humongous part of my life… cobwebs on the cupboard corners and the shielding mommy spider… furniture bearing some stealthily made scratches… multicolored threads on the doormat and the patterns they weave on my retina… the unresolved quest of the mosaic floor stones assortment, surrounded by… A courtyard once housed vadamalli and marigold outnumbered by selaginella and earthworms… once up on a time ridges in the backyard raising thumbba and mukkutti and a lot of monsoon special kannithulli… now metals paved with some euphorbia and plants-with-no-particular-names, leads to… A once kacha, now a trifle less kacha road… the road taken the most… the one that led me to every milestone in life, runs parallel to… A watercourse with ripples starboard carrying some algae and plastic and God-Knows-What… the sparkling sun rays trapped in those ripples are my only concern, adjoins… A lush green portrait with xanthous and auburn tinges… from the attic, a panorama drawn by the artist in my eyes… from the veranda, a bunch of trees, shrubs, herbs, ferns, mosses, and all plant types… painted vividly on my ancestral land.

I miss thou art… I miss thy ‘My Home’…


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